Proclamation for Commander Deichler

The Scott Township Board of Commissioners will recognize Commander Jason Deichler on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 7:30 pm at their regularly scheduled meeting.

Scheduled events include a telecommunication with Commander Deichler on the U.S.S. Pittsburgh. He is a native of Scott Township, Pennsylvania read more

Scott Police add Med Return Drug Collection Unit…

The Scott Township Police Department has added a MedReturn Drug Collection Unit at the station entrance for residents to dispose of old or unwanted prescription drugs at no charge to the residents. The unit is a secure deposit box that will give you an option to safely dispose of prescriptions. The read more

2018 Easter Egg Hunt for Scott Township Residents

The annual Easter Egg Hunt for our residents will take place on March 25th, 2018 at 2pm sharp in Scott Park. There will be three age groups, so please have your child hunt with their age group. Drinks and snacks will be served for the children. Please bring your own baskets to collect the eggs! read more

Assistance with Committees Needed!

If you’re interested in serving Scott Township with your presence on a committee we want your help!  Please submit a letter of interest to Township Manager Denise Fitzgerald…

via mail: Denise Fitzgerald, Letter of Interest, 301 Lindsay Road, Carnegie, Pa. 15106

read more

Garbage Contract Analysis Committee

Scott Township needs to renew our garbage collection contract to continue services. There are always options to be considered in an undertaking like this. The Scott Township Board of Commissioners is welcoming YOU to apply for a seat on the soon to be formed Garbage Contract Analysis Committee! read more

Snow Removal Ordinance

Ladies and gentlemen please keep in mind as you clear your walkways and driveways that there is an ordinance prohibiting putting the snow in the roadway. Doing so only creates problems for passing motorists and if it causes an accident you can be held criminally and civilly liable on top of the ordinance read more

Allegheny County Lead Safe Home Program

Did you know that in April of 2017, Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh joined forces on an initiative to help protect young children from the effects of lead poisoning? There are eligibility requirements of course, but if you have concerns about the possibility of lead based poisoning, or read more