Scott Park & Pool

    Summer recreation


    The purpose the play camp is to provide a complete recreational program that will meet the needs and interests of all the children living in the Chartiers Valley School District.

    Open to

    Chartiers Valley School District Children - Children who have completed Kindergarten through 6th grade. Children in the Carnegie area may also participate in the program.

    Place: Scott Township Park Time: 9:00 am to 12:45 pm Dates: June 22-July 24th


    Saturday May 30th, 9-11:30 am and on Monday Jun 1st 5:30-7:30 at the Scott Township Pool Community Room. Additional information will be available during registration or by calling 412-279-0633 (Proof of residency required)

    Registration Fee

    Resident   Non- Resident  
    1st child $78 1st child $98
    2nd child $63 2nd child $88
    3rd child $53 3rd child $78


    Time of Daily Programs

    9:00am to 12:45 pm

    Daily Activities

    * Arts & Crafts and free swim

    * Talent Show and Swim Party

    * Organized Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Dodgeball, Hockey, Volleyball and Tennis

    * Group Games: Bingo, Limbo, Tug-of-War, Musical Chairs and more

    * Special Activities: Street Bowling, Water Balloon Toss and Bicycle & Fire presentations.

    * Field Events: Land and Water Races, Obstacle Courses, and Scavenger Hunt

    List of Activities

    * bowling

    * limbo

    * tag

    * kickball

    * hockey

    * soccer

    * football

    * softball

    * frisbee

    * parachute

    * basketball

    * jump rope

    * scoop ball

    * swimming

    * arts & crafts

    * hand ball

    * four square

    * capture the flag

    * relay races

    * tug-o-war

    Special events

    * Hot Dog Day - Wednesday and Friday

    * Pizza Day: Thursday

    * Carnival Days: Canival days include balloon contest, carnival games, candy and snow cones for all.

    * Talent Show: Our annual talent show will be held on Wed July 22 at 10am

    * Swim Party: Friday July 24th from 9:30am-12:30pm

    * Tennis Lessons: Starts Mon June 15th to July 15th

    (Following the Recreation Program, children are encouraged to spend the rest of the day swimming at the pool. All children must have a season pass to pay to enter the pool after 1pm)