? What Can I Recycle? Click here for information from Waste Management

? Who Can use this Program? This is for Scott Township residents only

Annual Recycling Report Form

1. Fill out your establishment’s contact information and sections’ one, two and three. Then sign and date the bottom.

2. Contact your recycling hauler and send them the Report form.

3. Have your recycling hauler fill out the tonnage of the materials your business recycled on the second page. The hauler must sign and date the bottom of the first page. (If material recycled is less than one ton, round to the closest quarter of a ton.)

4. Once completed, have your hauler mail or fax the form back to your establishment.

5. Submit the completed Annual Recycling Report to Scott Township by January 31st.

For questions regarding the Report form or to request additional copies, call 412-276-5300.

Recycle Requirements


Scott Township Ordinance No. 1307-90 requires businesses to recycle the following items:

– Office Paper
– Corrugated Paper (cardboard)
– Aluminum Cans
– Leaf Waste (leaves, shrubbery, and similar materials)

Waste Schedules

Residential Curbsite Pickup

Scott Township is mandated by Act 101 to remind residents about the requirements of our recycling programs every six months. The following charts outline proper recycling procedures:

The Township provides blue recycling bins for residents’ recyclables. Place your blue recycling bin out with your trash to be picked up every other week by Allied Waste. Garbage cans and other containers for garbage and recycling may not be placed at curbside until 5:00 pm the previous day of scheduled collection. Containers must be removed from curbside by 9:00 pm of scheduled collection day.

Waste Management will continue to pick-up all household rubbish on Monday’s. The items they will NOT pick-up are:

– Building Materials
– Auto body parts
– Medical waste
– More than one large item (ie., couch, sofa, etc. – call to schedule special pick-up)

Hazardous materials (such as paint, oil & gasoline) Old paint cans which contain no liquid will be picked up by the hauler if the lid is not on and the can is empty and dry. If the paint can contains paint you should fill it with kitty litter and let it sit until the material is solid.

Medical and Cooling Waste

To dispose of medical waste please check with your local pharmacy.

Old refrigerators and air conditioners will only be picked up by the hauler if the Freon is removed by a certified technician and a sticker verifying that the materials have been removed is placed on the appliance. You can contact a local heating/air-conditioning company to have this certification.

Trash pickup

Trash will be picked up every Monday except for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day, it will be picked up on Tuesday of those weeks.

Concerns, complaints and missed pick-ups, please contact Waste Management at 1-800-866-4460