e-Waste Event

November 4, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Scott Park

We will be hosting am E-Waste collection event at Scott Park for Scott Township residents ONLY between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Attached is a list of items they can not accept. They WILL accept items containing refrigerant for a fee of $25/each and fluorescent light bulbs for a fee of $2/each. This event will also be a paper shredding event for our residents, at a cost of $9.00/each 2 cubic foot box shredded.

They can NOT accept the following:

1. Any fossil fuel or materials used in collecting fossil fuels.
2. Any infectious or biological wastes or equipment that contained them.
3. Any media contaminated with oil.
4. Any liquid.
5. Any chemicals, oils, or powders.
6. Any equipment that contains chemicals of any kind.
7. Any equipment that contains asbestos.
8. Any equipment that contains radioactive components (e.g. smoke detectors)
9. Any equipment that contains PCBs (e.g. fluorescent light ballasts).
10. Thermometers
11. Vacuum Cleaners
12. Loose Batteries (all types)
13. Loose Ink and Toner
14. Loose software
15. Household appliances
16. Personal Hygiene Items (e.g. razors, toothbrushes).
17. Any device comprised mainly of wood (excluding console televisions).
18. Miscellaneous trash (e.g. Holiday decorations)
19. Any materials that would adversely impact our operations or result in environmental or health problems.