Flood insurance…


Flood Insurance is able to be purchased through any insurance company that writes NFIP. NFIP stands for National Flood Insurance Program. Rates would be the same with all companies that write this type of insurance. Typically, a homeowner would purchase this coverage through their agent that writes their homeowner’s insurance policy.

If you do not have claims currently with the NFIP and you are in a favorable flood zone, you may be eligible for preferred rates. Although many believe that flood insurance is not available when a location has been flooded and claims have been paid by the NFIP, the NFIP will still write insurance for locations they have paid claims on. The homeowner would just have to work directly with NFIP.

An illustration of a premium for a $250,000 building limit and $100,000 contents limit would cost approximately $500 per year with a $1,250 deductible.

For more information about the National Flood Insurance Program, please see click HERE!