Happy Birthday Scott Township!

Happy 157th birthday! On June 29th, 1861, Scott Township was formed. A little bit of our history…

Allegheny County was set up in 1786. At that time, St. Clair Township extended from the Washington County line all the way to the rivers at Pittsburgh, including everything east of Chartiers Creek. At the time, St. Clair was the largest township in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Eventually, it would be divided into two parts, upper and lower.

On June 29th, 1861, the Allegheny County Court of Quarter Sessions affirmed a vote that created Scott Township. We included everything from Whiskey Run and Chartiers Creek to Bower Hill, extending north all the way to the Monongahela River. That included Dormont, Mt. Lebanon and a large section of what is now the City of Pittsburgh. The total area was roughly ten times the size of the current Township.

The Township is named after General Winfield Scott. Scott was a legendary indian fighter and a hero of the war with Mexico. He was actually nominated for President in the election of 1852 by the Whig party. Scott stayed in military service and actually prepared defenses for Washington D.C. during the Civil War before retiring. He would pass away at West Point in 1866.