Scott Township CAN anticipate a winter storm to arrive Sunday afternoon and continue into Monday. The forecasts are currently calling for an accumulation of between 4 to 11 inches of snow, and we expect estimates to become more precise as we get closer to the storm. We will deploy all 7 of our salt trucks when the snow begins to fall and will provide continual coverage of Township-maintained roads until the precipitation stops and our roadways are clear. If needed, drivers will be kept over the end of their shifts and additional trucks will be deployed.

In preparation for the storm, all our salt trucks have been thoroughly inspected, loaded with salt, and plows have been installed. We also have more than enough salt in stock to handle the accumulation we are expected to receive.

Heavy snowfall is possible during this storm. Please note that it can take our salt truck drivers up to two hours to complete their routes. The actual time required will depend on weather conditions. It then takes them about 45 minutes to reload with salt and restart their routes. So, if snow is falling quickly, there will be accumulation on our roads.

For that reason, we advise residents to avoid driving during the storm if possible. If you must drive during the storm, we encourage you to slow down, avoid making any sudden moves or fast turns, avoid quick acceleration or hard breaking, and leave extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Also, please give our salt truck drivers plenty of room to operate.

Tom Kelley
Director of Public Services
Scott Township PA 15106
412-276-5300 Ext. 218