Scott Township… 2019 Banner Community


Once again Scott Township was selected as a “Banner Community” by the Allegheny League of Municipalities. To accomplish this achievement, the Township had to meet a list of requirements/accomplishments. They are as follows:

Be a member in good standing with ALOM & your County Association.
Send at least one representative to the Annual ALOM Spring Conference and at least two (2) of the following:
Enrolled or graduated from LGA NEO Course
Attend the Fall Conference of Townships, Boroughs, & Authorities
Attend or participate in a LGA or DCED endorsed training session
Participate in a governing mentoring program
Promote and implement long term sustainable governing practices by completing any two (2) of the following:
Earned certification or pledge to become certified in the Sustainable
Community Essentials Certification program through Sustainable Pittsburgh at
Manage Employee Pensions (Uniform & NonUniform) at funding levels of 80% plus
Participate in the annual ALOM Wage & Salary Survey Program
Implement goals of an up to date Municipal Comprehensive Plan or participate in the Allegheny Places 2013 Municipal Grant Program –
Be an active member in good standing in a COG and at a minimum complete the following:
Attend 50% of COG meetings
Participate in a COG cooperative purchasing program
Participate in at least one shared municipal service
Conduct a Local Government Week activity by doing a minimum of two (2) of the following:
Pass a Proclamation or Resolution recognizing Local Government
Conduct a local activity promoting local government
Communicate to your community effective delivery of local government services
Conduct an effective Citizen Communication Program by doing both of the following:
Municipal newsletter or Web based communication effort
Visit and participate in an elementary school class discussion on local government or conducting a shadowing program for Jr/Sr High School students

Congrats Scott Township on it’s fourth consecutive year being awarded this selection!