Scott Township E.M.S. Recognized for Lives Saved


Last night, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) held an event at the Board of Commissioners meeting to recognize the efforts, training, hard work and dedication of several of our local EMT’s and paramedics. These men and women saved lives during two sudden cardiac arrest incidents earlier this year. Congratulations to EMT Amanda Alianiello, A-EMT Derek Dahmen, Paramedic Gene Giraulo, EMT Ashley Rambo, Paramedic Brad Walker who were all present to be recognized. Also recognized but unable to attend were Assistant Chief Scott Cavey and EMT Tyler Adams.

The statistics of an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest survival are dismal (improving but still poor). Also, it is rare for responders to know the outcome; they take the patient to the hospital and rarely get follow-up (very challenging with HIPAA). This event also lets the us all say thank you. It is also a great way for the public of Scott Township to see their professional responders, learn a little bit about the Chain of Survival (importance of awareness and action, call 911, early CPR and defibrillation, professional responders), see there tax dollars in action, etc. These men and women work long hours dedicating their lives to keeping our residents safe. And we should never underestimate the commitment that takes or the toll it can take on them as people. We know that our first responders save lives often with little recognition and we’re very grateful for all they do to commit to their work.

Thank you to Cheryl Rickens, Luis Garino and Vernard Campbell for organizing this event!