When do I have to stop for a school bus?


We’ve seen a lot of discussion in social media pages about when stopping for a school bus with its red lights activated is required and when it is not. We’ve uploaded the official PennDOT flyer that covers the topic for your review. A simple rule of thumb is that unless you are on a physically divided highway you ARE REQUIRED TO STOP for any school bus with red lights activated. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a four lane (Greentree Road) or not. If it is not a physically divided highway, which Greentree Road is not, you must stop. We have no physically divided highways in Scott Township, so if you see lights activated on a school bus make sure you stop. Honestly… what harm is a fifteen second delay going to do to your day? And the risk to children crossing the roadways is much, much too high.

Click HERE! for the official flyer!