Online Application for Dye Testing Online Application for Dye Testing

Some common questions about dye testing:

What is a dye test and when do I need one?

A dye test performed by a licensed plumber will determine if and where stormwater is entering the sanitary sewer system. Dye testing involves placing a non-staining water soluble dye tablet in the area drains and downspout of your property and flushing it with water. The downstream sanitary sewer manhole will be monitored for the appearance of traces of dyed water. If a property fails, the dye tests the owners are be required to make corrections before the property can be sold.

Federal, state and county regulatory agencies require local municipalities to adopt and fund plans and improvements to reduce and eventually eliminate the flow of stormwater into sanitary systems. A portion of the Townships plan is outlined in Ordinance NO. 1427-97 of 1997. The Ordinance prohibits illegal storm or surface water connections to the sanitary sewer system and establishes a requirement for continuing certification of sanitary sewer compliance prior to sale, transfer, assignment mortgaging or refinancing of any real estate within the Township.
The dye test is a measure that the township uses to protect public health. It is used to identify locations where stormwater and/or ground water is entering into the sanitary sewage system. In short, to prevent stormwater from overloading the capacity of sanitary sewage systems and flowing into streams and rivers. Overloaded sanitary sewage systems are responsible for polluting streams and rivers and causing damage to public and residential properties and threatening public health.

Application Process:

All property owners who wish to sell/transfer/assign/mortgage or refinance their property in Scott Township must contact the Township to obtain an Application and Letter of Compliance (Application). To obtain the required Application property owners must call the Compliance Officer at 412-276-5300 ext. 218 or submit an online request available at Once the request has been received the Compliance Officer will prepare Section 1 of the Application and provide information for Section 2 on the location (including a map) of the manhole that the plumber will monitor during the dye test. After 5 to 7 business days the property owner or a licensed plumber who will be performing the dye test may pick up the Application on the second floor of the Township Building, 301 Lindsay Rd., Carnegie PA 15106. The Application will be in a plastic wall mounted bin marked “Dye Test Pickup”. Note: It is the property owner’s responsibility to select a certified plumber registered with the Plumbing Division of the Allegheny County Health Department to perform the dye test and pay for all costs associated with the plumber’s work. Once the plumber completes his/her work and signs Section 2 the completed application should be returned to the Township Building and placed in the “Dye Test Dropoff” bin located on the 2nd floor. Note: The property owner must sign Section 1 of the Application before returning it to the Township. Applications cannot be processed without the property owners’ signature. If the property fails the Dye Test, the owners are responsible for bringing it into compliance and having it retested and approved by a licensed plumber before resubmitting the Application to the Township.
Procedures for Municipal No Lien Letter and Dye Test Application for Real Estate Closing:

Step 1: Please contact Jordan Tax Services at 102 Rahway Rd., McMurray, Pa. 15317. 724-731-2300 or 412-835-5243 for their fee schedule.

Step 2: In conjunction with the above request, a dye test application also known as a Letter of Compliance should be requested from the Compliance Office which is located on the 2nd floor of the Township Building. The Compliance Office will prepare the application for the property owner or the plumber. It is the property owners’ responsibility to pick up the application and arrange for a certified plumber with Allegheny County to perform the testing. The Township has a list of certified plumbers, should you not have a plumber. Once the testing is completed by the plumber, the property owner will need to sign the application. The completed application is returned to the Compliance Office for approval. After approval, the testing is valid for (2) years. (the Compliance Office will be able to tell you if you need the actual testing or if you need to recertify the testing.) However, if you live in an apartment or a condominium, dye testing is not required at this time. Please contact Jordan Tax Services at 102 Rahway Rd., McMurray, Pa. 15317. 724-731-2300 or 412-835-5243 for their fee schedule.

Online Application for Dye Testing Online Application for Dye Testing