Procedure for Reporting a Streetlight Outage

This information has been reproduced with permission from and after being provided by Duquesne Light. All rights reserved for DLC.

Overview- This procedure will cover how to report a streetlight outage in Duquesne Light service territory. Multiple types of streetlights are included such as private area lighting, single streetlight, and multiple streetlights. This procedure will explain in detail how a street lighter can easily submit an outage while on the job.

1. Open the internet and go to: (This link will take you there).

This will start the process of reporting an outage to a singular streetlight or multiple streetlights in an area.



2. The first piece of information that needs to be entered is the street address. Streetlights are addressed differently than houses, for example a house with an address of 506 Anderson Ave is Anderson 506 Ave for a streetlight. If you know the exact address, please input it in the format of Anderson 506 Ave or just Anderson Ave. For example, see below.



3. If the address is not listed, select “My Address Is Not Listed,” click next, and pinpoint the exact location on the map provided. Duqesne Light service territory is shown, and Google Streetview is provided to assist in finding the location of the light.



4. The next question will ask if the power in the immediate is on, and while it seems simple, it is an important step. Look around and check if only the streetlight effected is out, or if there is a larger outage. If there is a larger outage, click the link that will take you to report an outage and do not report a streetlight outage.



5. Next, the website will ask if the streetlight presents a hazardous situation. Hazardous means that a line is down, there is damage to the pole, or other similar situations, not that the light is in a dangerous part of town. If the pole presents a dangerous situation call the DLC emergency number 412-393-7000 and do not proceed.



6. Another question that will be asked is what kind of lighting is affected. A singular streetlight will be the most commonly selected. Multiple streetlights will be selected in the case where multiple streetlights are affected but there is not a wider outage, and PAL will only be selected in certain situations as the customer will usually report their own lights out.



7. The final question that will be asked is what the issue of the affected streetlight(s) are; always on, always off, flickering, and other/unknown.


8. Once the final question is answered there is a captcha (I am not a robot) and the form is complete.

9. Finally, hit submit and the report will be sent to Duquesne Light for further review.