Welcome Mr. Furnace….


Scott Township is happy to welcome Mr. Roshia Furnace to the Zoning Hearing Board. Welcome aboard and thank you for serving your community!

Public Safety Day


Join us for public safety day at Scott Park on September 11th, 2021 from 12:00pm until 4:00pm!

Township Beautification Project


Scott Township is instituting a Beautification Program. We will begin in Ward 1 and work our way down. We have initiated a Beautification Project in our community where we are focusing our efforts Township-wide on items such as high grass, weeds, painting of crosswalks, code enforcement/property read more

We Need Election Poll Workers…


Demonstrate Your Civic Pride: Become an Elections Poll Worker in Allegheny County

Did you know that you can support your community members by serving as an Elections Poll Worker in Allegheny County? Each year, the Allegheny County Elections Division schedules thousands of poll workers to serve in read more

A message about root control (UPDATED)

Scott Township’s Director of Public Services, Tom Kelley, would like to share information with all of our residents about root control efforts in Scott Township:

Facts about Root Control in Sewers

Scott Township is planning to implement a program to improve our aging sewer system by applying read more

Recent Issues with Sewer Lines in the Township

Some recent sewer line troubles have led us to determine some residents are unaware of what is actually safe to flush down their toilets and what is not. This lack of understanding is causing sewage backups in some residential neighborhoods that can be avoided if people are more aware of these items read more