A few have questions about how the new reservation system works and how to get online access to reserve facilities for your event. I’ve included some instructions here (and a video at the bottom) for how to log in to Community Pass and how to make your family account. Once you have that account, it’s a simple matter of logging in and registering for the event or facility you’d like to use. And remember, Park Reservations are ONLY AVAILABLE TO SCOTT TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS. Applicants will be attaching a copy of their photo ID or license to verify residency. Fraudulent applications will forfeit the reservation and funds used to pay for them.

If you qualify or want the account for pool access, here are some instructions on how to create your family account…

1. Go to:

Scott Township Community Pass Portal

2. Click on “Create an Account”
3. Enter a Username for your family account
4. Enter a password (7 characters including at least one number and one letter)
5. Enter your address
6. Enter the person who is the primary contact for the family account.
7. Click CREATE
8. Log In
9. Acknowledge the Privacy Policy
10. You’ve completed the account creation process!

From there, you can log in at any time and manage reservations, pool passes, summer recreation and other soon to be released programs or events. You can still reserve in person at the Township office, but remember, others will be online and it is a first come, first serve basis. The system will prevent double booking so the day/time will be unavailable once someone completes a reservation.

To watch the video of me setting up an online account so you can follow along and match the moves, CLICK HERE!