Parks and Recreation Directors

Job Description

The Parks and Recreation Directors reports directly to the Township Manager and is accountable to the Board of Commissioners.

Requirements of the role
• Associates, Bachelors or Master’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Recreation Administration or equivalent years of experience.
• Confident, driven and dynamic leader
Job Duties and Tasks for the Parks and Recreation Directors:
• Provide leadership and direction in the development of short- and long-range plans; gathers, interprets data reports and recommendations and coordinates department activities with other departments and agencies as needed.
• Oversees the Parks and Recreation budget and makes recommendations where necessary. The Director will be focused on staff expenditure, particularly summer help wages, to ensure that the Township does not exceed the allocated funding.
• Responsible for oversight of all parks, pool and recreation programs in the Township including but not limited to planning programs and activities for the community throughout the year.

• The Directors will analyze all park and recreation programs and determine programming that should be added or deleted. This analysis will include program costing to determine the validity of both ongoing programs and those being proposed.
• The Directors are responsible for program coordination with the school district, as well as community-based organizations. This includes but is not limited to soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, softball, and football.
• The Directors are responsible for all marketing and publicity of Park and Recreation programming as well as providing updated information on social media and submitting information to the IT Director for the Township website at least two weeks prior to any given event/program. Examples of these programs include Easter Egg Hunt, Community Day, Octoberfest, Sled Riding events, Safety Day, etc.
• The Directors are responsible for planning all capital expenditures and communicating those goals and objectives with the Township Manager and the Board of Commissioners as part of the annual budget process.
• The Directors will prepare a general monthly report for the Board of Commissioners on department activities and attend meetings with the Board as deemed necessary.
• The Directors will be responsible for coordinating fundraising activities and volunteers for events.
• The Directors will be responsible for overseeing the integrity of the Park, Pool and Recreation programs, which includes strict oversight of inventory, personnel and revenue.
• The Directors will formulate a vision or plan for Park, Pool and Recreation in the Township and will use that vision as the guiding principle for funding requests and staff direction.