The Scott Township Board of Commissioners is looking to help residents this winter with snow removal issues. Every year some elderly residents struggle with snow removal and reliable, affordable assistance is very difficult to come by. The Township is looking for volunteers to help these residents when they are in need. We are looking for generous residents, willing to commit to assisting a nearby neighbor with snow removal as the need arises.

Volunteer as a Scott Township Snow Angel

You can sign up online to offer help as a volunteer. The Snow Angels Program will work to pair you with a nearby neighbor. We will be in touch when you have been matched with a neighbor in need.

Things to Know about Signing Up to Volunteer as a Snow Angel:

You will be assigned to a neighbor in need who lives no more than a 10-minute walk from your address.

We will contact you via email with confirmation details when you have been assigned a neighbor.

You may not be assigned to help a neighbor immediately. Neighbors request help throughout the winter season. You may be assigned immediately, a few weeks after you sign up, or later during the winter.

Your assignment depends on if there is a neighbor who needs help near you. If none of your neighbors sign up, we may not be able to assign you. Either way, we will keep in touch regularly!

Once assigned, you can opt-in to receive text message reminders when a snow event is forecasted via our Civic Ready program.

We ask that you help out your neighbor as soon as you are able and within 24-hours of the end of a snow event.

Sometimes more than one neighbor who needs help live in the same block. If you’re willing to help shovel and salt for more than one neighbor, please let us know on your registration form.

Neighbors are expected to have a snow shovel and salt available for their Snow Angel. In rare instances that they are unable to provide these tools, we will notify you via email.

Before volunteering, please read the RELEASE FORM . Signing up to volunteer means you are in agreement with the release form in its entirety.

Click here to Volunteer

Request Help from a Snow Angel

Here are the requirements neighbors must meet to request a Snow Angel:

Be at least 65 years old

Live within Scott Township

Do not have resources (financial or family/friends nearby) to assist with snow removal

Things to Know When You Sign Up to Request Help:

You are not guaranteed assistance. Service depends on if there’s a Snow Angel who has signed up near you. Our staff works closely with the community to do the best volunteer recruitment and outreach we can, but we cannot guarantee that you will be matched.

If you are matched with a volunteer, we will notify you by email or phone call. Registration is on a rolling basis, so a Snow Angel may be available later in the season. We will contact you when you have a match.

You may not receive immediate help during a snowfall. Please give your volunteer a reasonable amount of time to assist you – we recommend allowing 24-hours after a snow event concludes. Your Snow Angel may have work, family, or personal matters that prevent them from immediately shoveling and salting your sidewalk or walkway.

You should have a shovel and salt available located outside of your house for your volunteer to use. You should not have to be home when a volunteer arrives to help.

Before requesting assistance, please read the RELEASE FORM . Signing up to request assistance means you are in agreement with the release form in its entirety.