Scott Township Roadway Improvement Program

2022 Scott Township Roadway Improvement Program

Please read this alert carefully so you will know what to expect. Then if you have questions call the Municipal Engineer at 412-264-4400 or the Scott Township Director of Public Services at 412-276-5300. Our contractor, Youngblood Paving Inc., will be roto milling and resurfacing the streets listed below.
The following roads will be milled and resurfaced between Early through Late-October 2022.

Street                         From                    To                              Length   Scope of Work
Brookfield Rd          Rockhill Rd         Rockfield Rd            1,050′     Mill and Pave
Spring Valley Rd     Elmbrook Ln      Brookfield Rd          310′         Mill and Pave
Woodcliff Circle      Elmbrook Ln      Spring Valley Rd     1,080′     Mill and Pave
Great Oak Dr           House # 1418      Township Line         1,065′    Mill and Pave
Greenbriar Dr         Greentree Rd      Greentree Rd            2,025′    Mill and Pave
Shady Knoll Dr       Wise Rd               Spreading Oak Dr    565′        Mill and Pave
Borland Rd              House #1800      Vanadium Rd           500′       Mill and Pave

Weather permitting the contractor will spend four days milling asphalt from the streets listed above. Roto milling will only take a few hours to complete. However, at least one traffic lane on affected streets will be closed to vehicular traffic until the roto milling process is completed. The asphalt material removed during roto milling will be swept from the roadway surface and the road will be reopened to vehicular traffic.

After roto milling, the road surfaces will be rough, and some areas will require repairs to the road base before a binder or wearing coat of asphalt can be applied. Care will be taken to apply temporary asphalt lifts in front of some driveways to allow vehicles to enter without scraping. Temporary asphalt will also be placed around manholes and utility boxes in the street. Weather permitting the binder or wearing course will be applied to the asphalt surface a few days after the end of the roto milling process. During this process, the affected traffic lane of the roadways will be closed to vehicular traffic for several hours.

The contractor’s activities will not interfere with regularly scheduled trash pickup. The contractor will be responsible for restoring any damage done along the township right-of-way during the paving process. Shortly after the completion of paving, lane lines (if required) and stop bars (if required) will be reapplied to the asphalt surface of the roadway.